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We are fully aware of all issues related to Intellectual Property (IP) protection. Ringsun acknowledge clients’ IP is their most valuable asset and we will provide a high standard of care to protect it. Clients IP includes not only the submitted BOMs, manufacturing drawings and prototypes, it also covers the designs, ideas, any corporate data, patents, copyrights, and trademarks, as defined by global organizations such as the USPTO, the European Patent Office, and WIPO.
All of our employees are aware of the fact that the protection of IP is an important topic. Ringsun has implemented companywide internal rules and training sessions which address the issue All the client's documentation and information will be treated and handled as from time to time defined in the NDA.
Whenever necessary and required, outgoing emails, FAX’s, and other correspondence will be marked "confidential" or the like and treated as such nature. Confidential information will be used by our company for the purpose which it is intended for.
Ringsun will only share confidential information with other employees on a "as need to know" basis. Any obsolete or outdated information which has been replaced by an updated version will be returned or destroyed accordingly.
As mentioned above, our client’s innovative products and related Trade Secrets, Copy-rights, Patents, and Trade Marks require the utmost protection in the global market place. We are fully aware of the challenge and we are well prepared to fully comply with the standards of IP protection and handle all related IP issues.

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