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A Brief Introduction of Ringsun Electric Eraser

Aug 03, 2015

With the development of technology, big changes also happens in children’s stationery . Safe, automatic electric stationery has come into our life.

Today, we will introduce one of our main products--Ringsun electric eraser.

As we all know,  for the ordinary eraser, it won’t be user-friendly after some time, and a little laborious. Our electric eraser will solve all your troubles.

The shape of our electric eraser is like a pen, but with an eraser core in the pen point. When we use the eraser, we only need to move the “pen”, and the eraser will rotate and remove our mistakes. It is quite effective and labor-saving, quite suitable for drawing area.

The energy comes from the battery in the “pen”. It is tiny, portable and good-looking. 

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