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Some Suggestions for the Stationery Enterprises

Aug 07, 2015

In the development of Stationery enterprises, the right way is to have a concrete goal and at the same time to embrace changes. This is not contradictory, but a survival mode. As we all know, with the changes of the stationery market, the competition is more and more serious, and we must make an reaction. The following are some suggestions.

1. Technical innovation 

Not only for the office products, but for any product, technical innovation is the essential factor. For any enterprise, if you want to have a long and health development, you need to have your own core technology. 


2. A variety of sales channels 

 As the development of internet, selling online is not a novel thing. But it is also not good to sell only by this way. We should seek different channels and combine them together. 

3. Set up your own brand 

If you only rely on some fancy sales method and cheap prices to attract customers, and ignore the quality and the brand image, it is really a dangerous manner. To obtain the everlasting development, we should pay serious attention to our brand and highlight our brand.   

Obeying to the above three principles, Juxing now has become one of the biggest office supplies manufacturer. Now our business range has covered different electric and manual stationery, like electric & manual eraser, punch, stapler, etc.

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