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We have an established, integrated Quality Model, which covers the vendors, the RingsunTeam, and the customer's quality requests and/or requirements. Ringsun is ISO 9000 approved since 1994 and we undergo all the necessary annual audits to renew our Certifications. In addition, Ringsun is also UL, FCC, CE, TUV, RoHS GS, 3C, certified manufacturer.
All of our clients have different products and expects us to fully comply with the client's own quality standards and procedures. Our Program Management Team has also a quality engineer present as a team member. This individual is responsible for ensuring that the process flow, from the issuing of a Purchase Order to the shipment of the product, meets all the steps of our quality model, from the Incoming Inspection of material, throughout the manufacturing processes and finally the quality assurance of all outgoing completed products.
The Ringsun tracking system is in place such that manufacturing history of products and components throughout the entire manufacturing process can be easily traceable.

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